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Typical performance 1



A new desalting unit for sulfuric acid tail gas desulfurization system in Shaanxi Province

Flue gas scale: 32000nm3 / h;

SO2 content: 2000 ~ 4000mg / Nm3;

SO2 emission: ≤ 50mg / Nm3;

By product: sulfuric acid;

Features: due to the lack of desalting device in the original design, the desulfurization solvent will gradually deteriorate until it is scrapped after a certain period of time after the operation of the desulfurization system. The owner purchases our company's ionic liquid to replace the original desulfurizer of other brands, and adds the desalting skid device to maintain the stable operation of the main desulfurization system;

Operation: the tail gas of normal operation is kept at 2-10mg / Nm3 for a long time.