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Xichang 2 * 10000l / H acid regeneration unit

Technical features 111:

The technology uses spray roasting to recover the pickling waste liquid discharged from pickling line of cold rolling mill. Hydrochloric acid (regenerated acid) with a concentration of 18-24% and iron oxide powder with a purity of more than 99.3% can be recovered from the pickling waste liquor.

·The acid recovery efficiency is high, and the HCl recovery rate is ≥ 99.5%. The recovered regenerated acid can be directly returned to the acid pickling line for use. During normal production, there is no waste water discharge, and the exhaust gas discharge meets the national environmental protection standard (gb28665-2012 emission standard of air pollutants for steel rolling industry). Our company has applied for two patents to prevent the acid regeneration device from emitting "red smoke" and a number of patents related to the acid regeneration device.

·The device has the advantages of high automation, convenient start and stop, simple operation, stable operation, and acid operation rate ≥ 95%.

·Scope of application: regeneration of waste acid from pickling of cold rolled steel plate / silicon steel sheet, steel wire rope pickling, hydrochloric acid leaching solution, organic wastewater, treatment of various fiber wastewater, production of metal oxides and recovery of hydrochloric acid from various chlorides.

·Waste acid treatment capacity of single unit: 1000-30000 L / h