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Energy saving and consumption reducing technical transformation of 8000nm3 / h o

source:本站 2020-05-27

   According to Huaxi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. on March 11, the first phase oxygen station 8000nm3 / h energy-saving and consumption reducing technical transformation project of qianbixi copper smelting company, which was built by Chengdu Huaxi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., achieved remarkable results.

In 2019, qianbixi copper smelting Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement with our company, and started the energy saving and consumption reduction technical transformation project of the first phase oxygen station 8000nm3 / h. After seven months of construction and one and a half months of trial production, the transformation project was officially put into operation on January 31, 2020 and connected to the grid for oxygen supply. On March 11, 2020, the capacity reached the standard. It is estimated that the annual electricity cost will be saved about 2.8 million US dollars.


   After the system is put into operation, the actual measurement shows that when the power equipment of the new oxygen generation system runs stably, the average oxygen production is 9331.9nm3/h, 16.6% more than the design value, the average purity is 90%, and the unit power consumption of pure oxygen is 2.89% lower than the design value. According to the calculation of 90% operation rate in the whole year, compared with the 8000 system in the first phase, the new oxygen generation system saves about 2.8 million US dollars in electricity cost annually. Under the current trend of increasing electricity price in Zambia, the benefits of energy conservation and efficiency increase will be more significant.

     In recent years, CCS has been restricted by the reduction of concentrate copper grade year by year. Although the processing capacity of concentrate has been increasing, the output of copper products has not reached the design value, and the bottleneck of oxygen supply is an important reason. In view of the problems of low oxygen production, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost caused by the adoption of traditional axial tower process in the first phase of oxygen generation system, the "system thinking" is fully used for continuous demonstration, considering the investment income and energy saving effect, the advanced VPSA radial tower three tower oxygen generation process and efficient motor one drag two and asymmetric load transmission technology are introduced from our company, which will not affect the production In this case, a 8000nm3 / h oxygen plant will be built in another place. Moreover, measures such as directly purchasing molecular sieve from our company and independently undertaking the construction of a part of molecular project, etc., have saved us $2 million in actual cost compared with the budget and US $4 million compared with the 8000 oxygen generation system in the second phase, which has laid a good equipment foundation for the realization of the goal of improving quality and efficiency of CCS and stabilizing production and high yield.