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Success report of Yizhi technology EPC project: successful start-up of natural..

source:本站 2021-06-15



Good news!!! The natural gas hydrogen production unit and dry gas recovery unit of Chengdu Yizhi Technology Co., Ltd. were successfully started.
On March 30, 2021, Chengdu Yizhi Technology Co., Ltd. sent a successful report of EPC project:
      1、 PSA unit I of hydrogen production unit with nominal hydrogen production capacity of 84380nm3 / h (the feed gas is the intermediate shift gas of hydrogen production unit) was successfully started on January 20, 2021; PSA unit II of hydrogen production unit with designed nominal hydrogen production capacity of 30000 Nm3 / h (feed gas is high fraction gas + low fraction gas after desulfurization + ethylene rich hydrogen + spent hydrogen from suspended bed hydrogenation) was successfully put into operation on March 24, 2021;


     product hydrogen with a maximum of 114000nm3 / h when working at the same time.

图片3.png    2、 The dry gas recovery unit (feed gas is catalytic dry gas) of 400000t / h hydrocarbon cracking unit with nominal feed gas treatment capacity of 40557nm3 / h was successfully started on March 24;

     VPSA technology is adopted in the dry gas recovery unit. After the feed gas passes through the unit, C2 + product gas (maximum 19914nm3 / h, methane removal rate not less than 75%) and rich hydrogen (maximum 20642nm3 / h) are obtained. C2 + product gas is delivered to the shallow cold oil recovery unit as raw material, and the output circulation supply of rich hydrogen meets the hydrogen demand of the owner's plant.


     So far, the three PSA units of the 5.5 million tons / year heavy oil catalytic pyrolysis and 950000 tons / year polyolefin project, the key revitalization project of Heilongjiang Province undertaken by Chengdu Yizhi Technology Co., Ltd., have been constructed for 14 months, all of which have been successfully started at one time, and now all of them have been handed over to the owner for use.     

     In view of the epidemic situation and the pressure of prevention and control during the construction period, all departments paid attention to the epidemic prevention and control and project construction, actively responded to the challenge of epidemic situation, took multiple measures and eliminated all difficulties, and finally completed the construction goal with quality and quantity guaranteed, and all indicators of the device reached the advanced level of the industry, which proved that the company "technology is the guide, quality is the key, quality is the key, quality is the key" "Service as the core" development purpose.