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Ionic liquid desulfurization

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Desalination and sodium removal skid and special resin

I. technical introduction

The device is a special skid mounted device for the ionic liquid flue gas desulfurization project, which is the core equipment of the ionic liquid desulfurization process. The desalting device is used to remove harmful impurities such as sulfate, chlorine and fluorine in the ionic liquid; the desalting device is used to remove harmful cation impurities such as sodium in the ionic liquid.

II. Technical characteristics

1. The special desalination and sodium removal resin has large exchange capacity, and has the characteristics of anti organic pollution and long service life.

2. After 10 years of improvement, the process is reasonable and the full-automatic operation system, each operation step is automatically controlled by PLC system.

3. The consumption of ionic liquid is 10% of that of domestic similar devices, and the consumption of alkali is 70% of that of domestic similar devices.

III. application field

Ionic liquid desulfurization device, organic amine desulfurization device and other amine liquid desulfurization devices.