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PSA and hydrogen production

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Hydrogen production from natural gas

I. technical introduction

Hydrogen production from natural gas is composed of two parts: natural gas steam conversion to conversion gas and PSA purification of hydrogen (H2). After compression and desulfurization, natural gas is mixed with water steam. Under the action of nickel catalyst, natural gas is converted into conversion gas of hydrogen (H2), carbon monoxide (co) and carbon dioxide (CO2) at 750-850 ℃. The conversion gas can transform carbon monoxide (CO) into hydrogen through conversion.( H2), which is converted gas. Then, the converted gas or the converted gas can obtain high purity hydrogen (H2) through PSA process.

Hydrogen production from natural gas is also a relatively traditional technology, which used to be used in large-scale hydrogen supply occasions, such as hydrogen supply of more than 5000m3 / h. According to the characteristics of scattered and small-scale hydrogen users in China, we have developed low investment and low consumption natural gas steam conversion hydrogen production technology, which is very suitable for small and medium-sized hydrogen demand occasions. In areas rich in natural gas, hydrogen production from natural gas is the best choice. Our company has built such devices and transferred technology for domestic and foreign users.

Main technologies for hydrogen production from natural gas:

The first stage conversion technology of natural gas steam is suitable for small and medium scale hydrogen production.

The technology of one-stage conversion of natural gas steam and two-stage conversion of pure oxygen in series is suitable for medium and large-scale hydrogen production.

Natural gas two-stage heat exchange conversion technology is suitable for medium-sized hydrogen production technology.

Partial oxidation of natural gas is suitable for large-scale hydrogen production.

Partial oxidation of coke oven gas to produce hydrogen is suitable for areas rich in coke oven gas resources.

II. Technical characteristics

1. Adopt unique heat recovery technology to improve the thermal efficiency of the converter.

2. Excellent waste heat boiler is designed to provide reliable guarantee for the long-term operation of hydrogen production unit.

3. The exclusive flue gas flow mode of reformer reduces the consumption of fuel gas.

4. Pressure swing adsorption (PSA) of undisturbed switching adsorption tower greatly improves the reliability of the system.

5. Hydrogen scale: 50 ~ 1000m3 / h Hydrogen Purity: 99 ~ 99.999% hydrogen pressure: 0.5 ~ 3.5Mpa

III. application fields

Hydrogen peroxide, sorbitol, TDI, MDI, aniline hydrogenation and other fine chemical or pharmaceutical intermediate hydrogenation process, refinery hydrogenation process, etc.