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PSA and hydrogen production

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1. Technical introduction

To produce industrial hydrogen from coal is a good choice for large-scale hydrogen production or without other suitable raw materials.

Raw coal is gasified, transformed, purified, PSA and other units to obtain high purity hydrogen.

At present, the common coal gasification methods are: continuous oxygen enriched gasification between fixed beds under normal pressure, continuous oxygen enriched gasification of pulverized coal in normal pressure fluidized bed, pressurized gasification of coal water slurry, pressurized gasification of pulverized coal, pressurized gasification of mobile bed, etc.

Unit scale: 5000 ~ 10 × 10 ⁴ nm ³ / h

2. Technical characteristics

(1) suitable for large-scale hydrogen production projects;

(2) the cost of hydrogen is lower than other hydrogen production methods;

(3) the investment is relatively large.

3. Application field

Except lignite, peat with high internal water content and coal with calorific value lower than 22940kj / kg and ash melting point higher than 1350 ℃, other cohesive coal, coal with high ash content, petroleum coke and bituminous coal can be used as raw materials.