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PSA and hydrogen production

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Purification of CO by PSA

I. technical introduction

Carbon monoxide was purified from the mixture of carbon monoxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide by PSA. Feed gas enters into the first PSA unit to remove carbon dioxide, moisture and trace sulfur; purified gas after decarbonization enters into the second PSA unit to remove impurities such as hydrogen, nitrogen and methane, and the adsorbed carbon monoxide is desorbed by vacuum as product output.

II. Technical characteristics

1. Feed gas is widely used.

2. The cost of carbon monoxide is low.

3. High purity of carbon monoxide.

4. PSA has short process flow and low operating pressure: 0.1 ~ 6.0mpag, with the product reaching 99.5% in Chengdu.

III. application scope

Water gas, semi water gas, converter gas, blast furnace gas, syngas and other CO gas sources.