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Methane concentration technology gas

I. technical introduction

At present, there are mainly membrane separation, deoxidation, PSA and direct liquefaction methods for the separation of CBM containing oxygen at home and abroad. After fully comparing and studying other low concentration gas separation technologies, Chengdu Huaxi Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. has fully analyzed the properties of feed gas, and adopted pressure swing adsorption under micro pressure to separate CH4 and N2 / O2.

The low concentration gas with methane content of 10-15% can be concentrated to 30% at a time for combustion and power generation, and can also be concentrated to produce natural gas at a time.

Unit scale: 2000 ~ 3 × 104nm ³ / h.

II. Technical characteristics

1. The gas is not pressurized and the concentration is increased at low pressure, saving energy and safety;

2. The purity of the product is easy to adjust, and various products of different purity can be obtained for different purposes;

3. Strong adaptability of feed gas: for methane content from 10 to 30% and pressure at (20KPa. G), vacuum PSA can be used for concentration;

4. The operation flexibility is large (generally up to 30-110%).

III. application field

Oxygen bearing coalbed methane (methane > 10%).