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PSA and hydrogen production

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LNG from natural gas

1. Technical introduction

In order to make LNG with natural gas as raw material, the CO2, H2S and other components in natural gas are absorbed by MDEA solution, and the unabsorbed purified gas is dried after liquid separation, and then enters the cold box to make LNG.

2. Technical features

(1) MDEA wet decarbonization process can greatly improve the recovery rate of C2 and C3 in feed gas, increase LNG production and calorific value, and improve economic benefits;

(2) Using MDEA wet decarbonization process, the CO2 removal accuracy is higher;

(3) By using PSA drying and purification process, less than 1ppm of H2O can be deeply removed, and CO2 can be further removed, so as to further ensure the requirements of deep cooling liquefaction system.

3. Application fields

LNG is produced from natural gas and other feed gas rich in methane.